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  • Earn your first 100$ when you are transferred from our training website to the main TipstersPlace website
  • If you are in the world of sports betting and you want to build a profile and reputation of successful tipster, our website is the right place to do it.
  • We are THE ONLY tipster platform on the web that gives you money after you complete your training with us.

With us, you will have:

  • Fully verified tipster profile with a proven track record.
  • A great marketplace where to sell your tips.
  • Withdraw your money every single month.
  • Credible partners - We are in the sports tipping world since February 2013.
  • 45% commission of every single sold subscription.
  • We take care of all marketing and all customer service you are only tipping.

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We've Paid Out Over 250 000$ to Our Tipsters Since We are Online

We are paying to our tipsters one of the best commissions on the web 45% of all the subscriptions that are sold to them, instantly and in real time with no delay. We are taking care of everything else that should be done in order for a tipster to have a lot of customers, marketing, customer service, support. Tipster education is also one of the things we are providing.

The only thing we want our tipsters to be focused on is giving their best tips to their customers and making a profit for them. Everything else will be handled by our team of professionals.

How it works?

Create Your Profile

Register with us for free and create your tipster profile at our training website. Once it is done you are ready to start posting your tips and building your reputation as a successful tipster.

Finish Your Training

Every training period is between 3 to 6 months depends on the tipster's strategy and the sport he is giving tips on. After you are finished with the training ALL of your results will be transferred to our main website and you will have a proven track record which will easily lead to your first customers and your first commissions.

Earn Money

After you become a part of our paid tipsters you will get your first commission with your transfer - 100$! Then you will start growing your service and you will get paid 45% of each subscription sale. Depends on the market the sky is the limit for you.

If You Are Serious Bettor This Is The Right Place

If you are a sport betting lover and you want to make giving tips to people your full-time job TipstersPlace is the right website. We are in the business of connecting customers with successful tipsters since February 2013 and we have a proven track record and everyone knows that we are credible. If you are a good tipster and you think you can provide winning tips over a long period of time we will connect you with some of the best bettors in the world who will be more than happy to become your customers and stay with your for years to come. We have a history with customers who are with us since 2013 and they have made a lot of money from our tipsters and they are more than happy to stay with them.

We Are The Only One Who Gives You A Start Bonus

TipstersPlace is proud to be the first tipping website who is giving 100$ bonus of every tipster who is finishing his training and is transferred to the TipstersPlace main website. This is one of the ways we support our tipsters and we are showing them that we appreciate their hard work during the training period. Additional to this we are giving one of the highest payouts to the web. Last but not least we are offering education and full-time support of our tipsters. We want our tipsters to be the best on the web and we are giving them the best tools so they can be up to date with everything new on the world of sports betting.

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