Tipster terms

Tipsters Rules

All tipsters who are creating tips on Training website must comply with the rules listed below.

- Not doing so will lead to a warning first, a second violation of the rules can result in closing of the account.
- By having an account at the tipster declares that he agrees with this rules.

1. Tipsters Accounts

1.1 Tipsters Identity:
All tipsters must provide some information when we transfer their stats from our training site, the following information will be known only by TipstersPlace and will not be shared with anyone but it is obligatory.

- A valid email address
- A correct mobile phone
- Complete and correct up to date place of residence.

1.2 You can write down our phone number so you can contact us at any time as well: +359 895 05 01 06
1.2. TipstersPlace can close any accounts if the information provided by the tipsters is not accurate or incomplete.

2. Tips rules

2.1 Every tip must be created at least one hour before the event starts.
2.2 Maximum stake for one event is five units. Multiple tips can be created for a single event. doesn't advise tipsters to create identical tips.
2.3 Each tipster should create his tips at specific time, based on his time zone.
2.4 It is no allowed to tipsters to give tips outside Doing so will cause a penalty for the tipster or closing of his account.
2.5 Every tip must contain unique analysis long 250 symbols or more. If TipstersPlace find that the tipster is not using unique analysis but it is making copy/paste from other sites, we reserve the right to close the account of the tipster.
2.6 Every service have to provide minimum volume of betting tips, minimum 1 tips per week, and no less than 10 tips per month. If a tipster can’t provide one of these numbers, he/she must contact TipstersPlace support and to let them know.
2.7 The maximum number of tips is determined by the stake. The maximum stake per 24 hours is 15 units.
2.8 When publishing a tips always check the correctness of odds in real-time directly at the website of the corresponding bookmaker, i.e. not to use errors in the odds of odds comparisons sites to publish tips with incorrect or non-existing odds. The minimum odds are 1.50.
2.9 If for some reason a tipster is not able to continue providing the service temporary or permanently or to meet the minimum number of pick requirements for certain period he/she must contact TipstersPlace support.
2.10 If a tipster is inactive for more than 10 days during his active season without giving any valid reason to TipstersPlace and his customers, there will be a warning from the site. If the tipster continue with inactivity after 5 days TipstersPlace owns the right to close the this tipster account and to hold all futures earnings of the tipster if there are any.
2.11 Do not use Martingale, chasing losses and any other dangerous staking and money-management practices that could expose subscribers' funds to risk.
2.12 Each tipster must post tips within his working time.
2.13 Each tipster must choose his working time.
2.14 Working time cannot be more than 12 hours.
2.15 Each tipster can add tips after his working time if the event starts at least after 8 hours.
2.16 We reserve the rights to close a tipster account and to retain the balance on that tipster profile if the tipster is not abiding to the above rules.

3. Commisonns and Payments

3.1 Every tipster gets 45% commission from his sold plans.
3.2 Every tipster can see his commission in real time based on one month periods.
3.3 Every tipster can request his commission for every past period.
3.4 Tipster's commission will be paid via Skrill or PayPal in two working days after his request.
3.5 The tipster can request the whole commission for a past period. Partly payments are not accepted.
3.6 Every tipster can see his subscriptions in real time.
3.7 All tipsters can request unlimited commissions for past periods.
3.8 All tipsters must have Skrill and PayPal accounts

4. Other rules

4.1 At the beginning of every month all tipsters should write a review for the past month in their personal blogs.
4.2 All reviews should be posted no later than the fifth day of the month.
4.3 It is prohibited for the tipsters to copy event reviews from other sites.
4.4 Tipster's account can be disabled based on bad results or violating of the rules.
4.5 The decision to disable tipster's account is made solely by
4.6 Every tipster will be notified 15 days before disabling his account.
4.7 Every tipster who decides to leave must send a notification at least 15 days before doing so. If the tipster decides to leave he will not receive his commission for the future periods.
4.8 Every tipster is welcome to give tips for as long as he complies with the rules.
4.9 A good description for every tip is required.
4.10 No tips labeled as fix or insider are allowed in

5. Bonus for transfer

5.1 Every tipster who goes through 4 months training period at our training site and is transferred to the main site will receive 100$ bonus.
5.2 The bonus will be paid up to 30 days after the tipster starts posting tips on TipstersPlace site.
5.3 The bonus will be paid via Payoneer or PayPal, the tipster who will receive the bonus is obligated to have BOTH wallets so he can receive the money.

* can change this rules anytime. By doing so is obligated to notify all active tipsters about the changes